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New England Patriots NFL Point Spreads Preview

The NFL Point Spreads for the Patriots has always been pretty consistent.  Sports bettors love to take the Patriots as favors for their NFL Picks because they always seem to cover the NFL Point Spreads.  Most sports bettors make a mistake though in betting on emotion. This is when the predictions on their NFL Picks against the Spread can get too costly.  Smart NFL Sports bettors hire football handicappers.  This is important when wanting to be a serious gambler.  These gamblers turn the NFL Point Spreads into a way of reading stocks in the stock market.  They follow trends and can be very consistent.  See below as they review the potential NFL Point Spreads on the New England Patriots.

NFL Point Spreads News on The Pats

After a rocky midseason stretch, with a near-loss to the Cowboys.  Followed by back-to-back losses to the Steelers and Giants, it appeared that a deep postseason run wasn’t in the cards for the Patriots.  But New England bounced back on its rival’s home turf.  Whomping the Jets in primetime on Nov 13.  They didn’t lose again until the Super Bowl.

On offense Tom Brady threw for over 5,100 yards.  Rob Gronkowski set new standards for tight ends.  And the Patriots averaged over 30 points per game.  New England is stockpiling wide receivers.  The Patriots signed Brandon Lloyd who knows the team’s system from his time with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels in both Denver and St. Louis.  They also brought back Brady’s favorite Jabar Gaffney and Donte’ Stallworth.  Wes Welker and Deion Branch will continue to be a big part of the offensive attack.  Chad Ochocinco was a huge disappointment in 2011.  He caught only 15 passes and scored one touchdown in 15 games.  He seemed unsure of where to line up during the Super Bowl and was cut in the offseason.

This receiving core will cover most of the NFL Point Spreads out there for sports bettors.  There’s no telling how Gronkowski will be affected after losing a large chunck of the offseason to recover from ankle injury.  The running game will likely again be by committee with Stevan Ridley the favorite to be the primary ball-carrier.   Ridley finished his rookie season on a down note with fumbles in back-to-back games.  The offensive line will look different for the first time.  Matt Light won’t be manning the left tackle spot.  However, many NFL Picks will be predicted on the Patriots offense to cover most of the NFL Point Spreads.

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Patriots Defensive NFL Point Spreads Review

The top priority for the defense in the offseason is that Belichick will concentrate on it.  The Patriots defense’s rank was 31st in the NFL last year.  Belichick improved the pass rush at the end position signing free agents Jonathan Fanene and Trevor Scott.  He also drafted Chandle Jones and Jake Bequette.  For New England fixing the front seven is what’s important and needed first.  The secondary drew much of the criticism.  Which was a given when a team allows over 4,700 passing yards as they did in 2011.  If the defense lived up to par, the Pats would have had a easier time covering the NFL Spreads.

But an average-at-best group of corners and safeties are going to look bad when asked to cover too long.  The pass rush can’t create pressure last year.  The linebacking core also got a boost with the addition of Dont’a Hightower in the first round.  That often maligned secondary will see some changes.  Cornerbacks Ras-I Dowling who started his first game as a rookie but missed the final fourteen to injury, will be back.  Devin McCourty is likely looking at a permanent switch to safety.  New England also picked up savvy veteran slot corner Will Allen from the Dolphin’s scraps.

Final Verdict On The NFL Point Spreads

Look for the Patriots to yet win the division again.  The Vegas NFL Odds will have them reaching the AFC Championship game, but we don’t think that they will reach the super bowl this year.  The Pat’s NFL Point Spreads prediction will have them finishing with a 12-4 record.

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2 NFL Players That Will Affect The NFL Point Spreads

When services like Vegas Sports Cappers study the NFL Point Spreads and Vegas NFL Odds, they take everything that is applicable and put it on a data software program. Most of the Sports bettors bet on the NFL Lines and NFL Point Spreads on hunches and emotions. Football Handicappers like John Mack of JMPicks say that that is a huge mistake, most sports bettors don’t know how to read the NFL Point Spreads and there are services like his that get hired to develop the sports bettors bank roll and NFL Picks. Below are 2 of the top NFL Players that will help create and affect the NFL Spreads and NFL Lines alike.

The Top NFL Point Spreads Changer In The NFL

The NFL Player who will most likely to affect the NFL Point Spreads and The NFL lines for that matter has got to be Jimmy Graham formerly from the University of Miami.  He is a 6-6, 260 pound former basketball player who runs the 40 yard dash in 4.53 seconds.  The scary thing is that he is still developing into a tight end only in his 3 rd NFL season.  Most ESPN analyst call him the best of all ESPN Picks on tight ends.

Look for many Sports Handicappers to make their NFL Pro Picks consistently when the Saints play because of this offensive force.  The NFL is going into a pass friendly, tight end friendly league and handicappers like Mark Hoffman from http://www.TopNotchSports.net says that Tight Ends like Jimmy Graham is hard to find now a days.  Some sports bettors make their NFL Picks like fantasy football players selections.  This form of sports betting can be dangerous.  Adam Meyer from AdamWins.com says that you need to take emotion out of the betting game.  Espn also makes their ESPN Football Picks and Predictions this way as well.

The Other NFL Player To Change The NFL Point Spreads

At 6 feet 1 and 229 pounds, Arian Foster is an average running back in body.  But his talent can be second to none.  Most NFL Expert Picks Arian as the top running back in the game.  Some of them have them ahead of even Adrian Peterson from the Vikings.  Adrian Foster went undrafted.  In his NFL career he has rushed for over 3,000 only in his first 3 years.  He also has 29 touchdowns and over 1,000 yards receiving.

This is the type of performances that will affect the NFL Point Spreads and the Vegas NFL Odds over all.  Look for odds makers to create the NFL Lines to be high if Adrian is producing at his level.  You must look how high the NFL Football Spreads and Vegas Odds are when betting on the Texans.  They have an explosive offense and great defense so always bet the over in the NFL Lines Over Under in Vegas.

How Vegas Sports Cappers Study and Predict on NFL Point Spreads

Football Handicapping Services like Vegas Sports Cappers have realized that they only way to make the best NFL Point Spreads Predictions is to unite with the top football handicappers in the nation. Not only did they create an inner circle of sports touters to vote for a featured game but they also have some of the best odds makers creators in the internet.

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