Breaking Down Top Handicappers That Predict NFL Point Spreads

To be a Top NFL Point Spreads analyzer like some of the top sports betting handicappers in the world today, you have to have hours and hours and years of experience. For example: Take Mike Cooper from and Coopers, MIke Cooper has been analyzing and breaking down the NFL Point Spreads since he was a teen-ager. Yet, he still studies different systems and theories to perfect his craft in Predicting the right NFL Picks.  NFL Point Spreads systems and strategies tend to change many times during it’s history and below you will find some of the top NFL Football Touters that are experts in their industry.

The Top Football Handicappers That Predict On NFL Point Spreads

When analyzing the NFL Point Spreads in the upcoming season, there is no better football handicapper than Adam Meyer of http:/  Adam is part of the team of top handicappers.  He is known to bet millions of dollars every NFL and College Football Season.  Adam is also documented winning 2.8 Million when the Green Bay Packers won the Superbowl.  He really shattered those NFL Point Spreads that year.

Another top football handicapper and member of the Vegas Sports Capper team is John Mack of  John’s strong winning NFL Predictions is because he uses a computer software that determines the outcomes of games.  John puts all the NFL Point Spreads for the given week, all the data of the players, where they are playing and so on, this computer spits out a prediction.  And John’s predictions are winning on average of over 65% of the time.  No matter what kind of NFL Point Spreads are given out.

Other Top Handicappers That Impressive In Analyzing NFL Point Spreads

Johnny C. from has been in the industry for over 3 decades.  Known for his College Basketball Winning Predictions, Johnny C. is also great in predicting NFL outcomes.  Johnny C. was an oddsmaker in Las Vegas for 2 decades.  He was one of the guys that gave out actual NFL Point Spreads to the sportsbooks.

Last Top Handicapper who is also part of group for picking winners against NFL Point Spreads is Danny Berrelli of  Danny B. has been also in the industry for almost 30 years.  Residing in Philadelphia, Danny takes his approach to giving his clients a money management system of betting.  He says that sports bettors can make money over the long run if they are disciplined and take emotion out of the way.

Don’t Worry About NFL Point Spreads and Worry About Systems

No matter what kind of NFL Point Spreads are posted on any given week, you must rely on hiring these top NFL Handicappers for the NFL Expert Picks.  These Football Handicappers mentioned above are the top of their league.

So if you want some free NFL Picks from these Top Cappers, leave your information on the right side column form.  Then one of these football handicappers will send you their NFL Predictions so you can chatter certain NFL Point Spreads in the weeks to come.

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  1. Joseph White says:

    This Adam Meyer Handicapper is to be respected with his millions on the lines on certain sporting events. I have seen him bet on front of me and he doesn’t play around he knows his stuff. You can check him out at

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  5. Chris says:

    point spread of -13 ravens ya or nay?

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