2013 NFL Point Spreads Week 1

Week 1 of the NFL season is approaching. We have the latest lines for the first week of preseason football action and you can check it out courtesy of our friends over at the Las Vegas Sports Cappers: http://www.vegassportscappers.com/nfl-point-spreads.html

For the first week of the season we are making our predictions to who will cover the spread and which point spreads are so far off that the bookmakers in Vegas need to really readjust their numbers before the sharps hammer the numbers too far for them to hedge off the risk and take a loss.

To bet on games you can wager on the over/under (total), the point spread, and straight up or moneyline winner. We will fill you in on more information as the time gets closer and we launch our week 1 nfl point spreads.

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NFL Point Spreads Review For Week 4


NFL Point Spreads are out for the Week 4 NFL match-ups.  Sports Bettors are probably hesitant in placing their NFL Picks against the NFL Point Spreads because of no professional referees.  Vegas NFL Odds will be pretty much stagnant on the NFL trends.  It’s been reported that many sports bettors lost money with the last play call on the Monday Night Green Bay and Seattle Match ups.  Lets see what some of the NFL Point Spreads are for the upcoming games just in case that some sports bettors will make their NFL Picks.

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Week 4 NFL Point Spreads Are Out

Starting on Thursday Night Football where the Browns visit the Hot Ravens at their house.  Look for Cleveland to remain defeated, however the NFL Point Spreads say that they are a 12 point underdog.  How the Refs are these days, look for the Ravens not to cover on the NFL Odds.

A good game that will cover the NFL Odds will be the Seahawks visiting the Rams.  Look for that game to cover the NFL Spreads.  This is the very best game for predicting your NFL Picks Against the Spread on that one says, Mark Hoffman of TopNotchSports.net.

More NFL Point Spreads Week 4 Match-ups

Another game that won’t look to cover the NFL Odds when making your NFL Picks is the game of the Titans visiting the Texans.  The Titans are not really that bad to get blown out on a divisional game.  Yeah, Houston is the hottest team coming in but the Titans have a solid team.  Look for sports bettors to lose their NFL Picks if they pick the Texans to cover the NFL Odds outright.

Another game to stay away from is the Chicago Bears against the Dallas Cowboys on MNF.  Though the Cowboys are favorite by -3, one never knows with Dallas.  They have a good offense but the Bears have a bettor defense.  If I was making NFL Picks against the spread for this game, I will bet on the under for this one.  I don’t forecast too much scoring in this game.

Finally, a game that I will predict winning NFL Picks on is the Redskins at Tampa Bay.  RG3 looks to have the offense a little slower pace.  The Bucs are well coached and will give RG3 problems.  The Bucs are favored by 3 at home and they should cover that NFL Spread.

VegasSportsCappers.com gives out NFL Point Spreads Advice

When you gamble on the NFL especially on with the debaucle of the referee situation, one must look for a sports consulting service to give them the most accurate advice.  www.VegasSportsCappers.com is the one for your NFL Spreads consultation.  They have been around for years and all their handicappers and insiders have over 100 years of experience when it comes to predicting NFL Winners.

Give them a call today or you can opt in and subscribe on their website.  They are the best in giving out the advice you win to score a touchdown on the NFL Point Spreads.

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Power Rankings Top 5 Teams That Will Cover The NFL Point Spreads

NFL Point Spreads are starting to separate themselves for NFL teams in Week 4.  Now you can start seeing who are the top 5 teams that are forming for the season.  Your NFL Picks against the NFL Point Spreads will also start trending to be more consistent.  So below we asked www.VegasSportsCappers.com who are the top 5 NFL Teams that will cover the NFL point spreads and NFL odds for the rest of this season.  Providing the NFL Power ranks will not change in the coming weeks.

NFL Power Rankings To Cover The NFL Point Spreads

5)  Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens go into week 4 with a 2-1 record beating the Patriots 31-30 with 2 seconds left on Sunday Night Football.  They are on a roll to make it to the final dance providing they stay healthy.  If there Offensive Line gets better, they will be even more of a lethal attack offensively and will get a hire ranking.  Look for sports bettors to cover the NFL Odds and the NFL Point spreads on their NFL Picks with the Ravens getting on a roll.

4)  Atlanta Falcons – At 3-0, look for the Falcons to be a sports bettor’s dream.  However, don’t look for them to cover the NFL Lines like JohnnyCsports.net says.  They still have a few glitches on their arsenal.  Matt Ryan is improving and will finally take them deep in the playoffs this year.

3)  Green Bay Packers- Providing that Green Bay doesn’t lose to the Seahawks on MNF, the Packers offense is relentless in scoring.  Aaron Rodgers is a dream when picking your NFL Picks against the spread says Mark Hoffman of www.TopNotchSports.net.  He has a potent offense and can put points up in a hurry.  Their defense makes the NFL Odds pretty inconsistent because they have a young defense.  Sometimes they cover the NFL Spreads and sometimes they don’t.

Top 2 NFL Teams To Cover The NFL Point Spreads

2) San Francisco 49ers – San Francisco are 2-1 heading into the 4 week of the season.  They recently got upsetted by the Minnesota Vikings.  However, keep betting your NFL Picks on this team.  They have a top defense and are pretty much consistent with what they are doing.  Led by coaching and a Quarterback that is known not to make mistakes, look for this team to get to the SuperBowl at the end.

1)  Houston Texans – The Texans have been the most consistent team on both sides of the ball.  If a sports bettor bets on their NFL Point Spreads, chances are that their NFL Picks will be winning at a 70% rate.  The Texans have leaders on both sides of the ball and are poised to make it to the big dance for the first time in their franchise history.

Get NFL Point Spreads advice with www.VegasSportsCappers.com

VegasSportsCappers.com is a site that people get advice for their NFL Picks.  Another good site as well is www.TopNotchSports.net.   FootballHandicappers.net has them as one of the top sites in giving out the NFL Picks Against The Spread.

So make sure your hire a formidable handicapper when it comes to getting future NFL Picks advice and college football advice as well.  Make your pick of a handicapping service when calling on the NFL Point Spreads.


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New England Patriots NFL Point Spreads Preview

The NFL Point Spreads for the Patriots has always been pretty consistent.  Sports bettors love to take the Patriots as favors for their NFL Picks because they always seem to cover the NFL Point Spreads.  Most sports bettors make a mistake though in betting on emotion. This is when the predictions on their NFL Picks against the Spread can get too costly.  Smart NFL Sports bettors hire football handicappers.  This is important when wanting to be a serious gambler.  These gamblers turn the NFL Point Spreads into a way of reading stocks in the stock market.  They follow trends and can be very consistent.  See below as they review the potential NFL Point Spreads on the New England Patriots.

NFL Point Spreads News on The Pats

After a rocky midseason stretch, with a near-loss to the Cowboys.  Followed by back-to-back losses to the Steelers and Giants, it appeared that a deep postseason run wasn’t in the cards for the Patriots.  But New England bounced back on its rival’s home turf.  Whomping the Jets in primetime on Nov 13.  They didn’t lose again until the Super Bowl.

On offense Tom Brady threw for over 5,100 yards.  Rob Gronkowski set new standards for tight ends.  And the Patriots averaged over 30 points per game.  New England is stockpiling wide receivers.  The Patriots signed Brandon Lloyd who knows the team’s system from his time with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels in both Denver and St. Louis.  They also brought back Brady’s favorite Jabar Gaffney and Donte’ Stallworth.  Wes Welker and Deion Branch will continue to be a big part of the offensive attack.  Chad Ochocinco was a huge disappointment in 2011.  He caught only 15 passes and scored one touchdown in 15 games.  He seemed unsure of where to line up during the Super Bowl and was cut in the offseason.

This receiving core will cover most of the NFL Point Spreads out there for sports bettors.  There’s no telling how Gronkowski will be affected after losing a large chunck of the offseason to recover from ankle injury.  The running game will likely again be by committee with Stevan Ridley the favorite to be the primary ball-carrier.   Ridley finished his rookie season on a down note with fumbles in back-to-back games.  The offensive line will look different for the first time.  Matt Light won’t be manning the left tackle spot.  However, many NFL Picks will be predicted on the Patriots offense to cover most of the NFL Point Spreads.

Check Out The NFL Point Spreads Preview on Week 1′s Match Up of The Giants Vs Dallas.

Patriots Defensive NFL Point Spreads Review

The top priority for the defense in the offseason is that Belichick will concentrate on it.  The Patriots defense’s rank was 31st in the NFL last year.  Belichick improved the pass rush at the end position signing free agents Jonathan Fanene and Trevor Scott.  He also drafted Chandle Jones and Jake Bequette.  For New England fixing the front seven is what’s important and needed first.  The secondary drew much of the criticism.  Which was a given when a team allows over 4,700 passing yards as they did in 2011.  If the defense lived up to par, the Pats would have had a easier time covering the NFL Spreads.

But an average-at-best group of corners and safeties are going to look bad when asked to cover too long.  The pass rush can’t create pressure last year.  The linebacking core also got a boost with the addition of Dont’a Hightower in the first round.  That often maligned secondary will see some changes.  Cornerbacks Ras-I Dowling who started his first game as a rookie but missed the final fourteen to injury, will be back.  Devin McCourty is likely looking at a permanent switch to safety.  New England also picked up savvy veteran slot corner Will Allen from the Dolphin’s scraps.

Final Verdict On The NFL Point Spreads

Look for the Patriots to yet win the division again.  The Vegas NFL Odds will have them reaching the AFC Championship game, but we don’t think that they will reach the super bowl this year.  The Pat’s NFL Point Spreads prediction will have them finishing with a 12-4 record.

Go to the Vegas Sports Cappers site for more NFL point spreads advice and winning predictions on NFL Picks.

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Dallas and New York Giants NFL Point Spreads Preview

NFL Point Spreads will be tough to read this year.  Many NFL teams are pretty much equal making the Vegas NFL Odds pretty tough to predict.   It won’t be easy for cappers and bettors to make their NFL Expert Picks and their NFL Picks Against The Spread this season.  Our NFL Point Spreads blog breaks down the first game of the season.  See how some of football handicappers predict the way that it should be.  Many sports bettors need to call the cappers to get advice for all the NFL Point spreads coming out this season.

Click Here For Top QBs That Will Cover the Vegas NFL Spreads and Country’s NFL Point Spreads.

NFL Point Spreads Week 1 – Cowboys vs. Giants Preview

NFL point spreads are out for Week 1 and the first game to kick off the season is a killer one with the defending champion New York Giants hosting their hated rival in the Dallas Cowboys.  The Vegas NFL Lines have the Giants as a 3-point favorite with a total of 46.5.  Also sports bettors are leaning on the NFL Picks to go the Giants way as well.

Are the Giants ever going to get any respect?  All the Sportsbooks had them as the underdog in the last 2 Super Bowls they were in recently where they beat the New England Patriots both times. This season the team has not really changed much from last season and they still have the second best NFL odds, according to The Las Vegas NFL Odds, to win the NFC East.

The Cowboys made some big moves on defense, but, yet again, their season may hinge on how Tony Romo plays and if he can stay healthy.  He was healthy last season and passed for nearly 4,2000 years with 31 TD and led America’s Team to the 7th best passing offense in the league.  He has 3 legit targets in the WR duo of Dez Bryant and Miles Austin-Jones and stud TE Jason Witten.  These are the football picks that will cover the NFL Spreads for the Cowboys this year.

Get the best NFL Spreads advice with TopNotchSports.net.

The Cowboys have the passing attack, but which Giants’ pass defense will show up in this opening game?  The one that ranked 29th in the league overall last season or the one that played great in the Super Bowl run where they shut down Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady.  CB Corey Webster is solid and the New York secondary will be much better if Terrell Thomas, back from ACL surgery, and Prince Amukamara can get over his foot injury from last season.  Sports Bettors will watch the NFL Lines to see if these players will make an impact.

The Giants’ secondary is an issue in this game, but will the Dallas offensive line give Romo time to pick them apart?  Last season the Giants led the league in sacks led by Jason Pierre-Paul, Osi Umenyiora, and Justin Tuck, who, including the playoffs, combined for 39.5 sacks last season.  That is not good facing a Dallas offensive line that is sketchy and did not improve in the off-season or in the draft.  Look for the Giants to have low over under numbers on the NFL Point Spreads during the season.

RB DeMarco Murray can take pressure off Romo, but he missed the last 4 games last season with an injury.  Murray will have a harder time in this game against a decent Giants’ run D as well as the fact that solid run-blocking FB Tony Fiammetta is now with the Patriots.

NFL Point Spreads In Vegas Have the Giants as Favorites in their House

Sports gambling always love the favorites and why not in this game in the Big Apple?  Last season Eli Manning passed for almost 5,000 yards and has Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks. Mario Manningham is now in San Francisco, so the 3rd WR will be rookie Rueben Randle.  Manning will be facing a retooled Dallas secondary that threw a ton of money at CB Brandon Carr and moved up in the draft to take CB Morris Claiborne.  The safeties for the Cowboys are still pretty weak, but if the new CB’s are as good as advertised, Manning may be in for a long day. Look for the NFL Odds to be staying with a high money line this week.

I think Sports Books did not post the NFL Betting Line higher since the Dallas front line D is solid, led by DeMarcus Ware with 23 sacks, that ranked 7th against the run.  Anthony Spencer has to be more consistent up front and they should not have a problem in run defense since the Giants ranked dead last in the league last season in rushing yards per game. With Brandon Jacobs now with the 49ers Ahmad Bradshaw is the lead back and New York is hoping first round draft pick David Wilson can get the job done. Good luck.

History Influencing NFL Point Spreads?

The Giants have beaten the Cowboys in 3 of their last 4 games including both last season. Last season in the 2 games these rivals played each other in which Manning passed for a combined 746 yards.  New York is never an easy place to play and Vegas odds are setting the NFL Point Spreads in this game because of the history of these 2 teams in the last couple of seasons.

The kickoff game is stellar, but can America’s Team or last season’s Champions come out on top after week 1.  The Vegas’ NFL Point Spreads may get it wrong from time to time, but this time around we have to say the Giants will cover.

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Week 1 49ers at Packers NFL Point Spreads

The NFL Point Spreads are soon to be given out by Vegas.  And the site VegasSportsCappers.com has predicted what the NFL Odds and NFL Point Spreads will be for the week 1 game of the 49ers vs The Packers.  As per VegasSportsCappers.com, the NFL Lines will be Green Bay Packers favored -2.5.  Let’s see the VegasSportsCappers.com evaluation of why they chose the NFL Point Spreads to point in the Packers favor.

To See NFL Point Spreads Preview on Week 1′s Colts Vs Bears, Click Here.

NFL Point Spreads evaluation on the 49ers

Jim Harbaugh did such a great job with his team especially with his offense last year.  He basically took the same guys from the 2010 season, toughened them up and almost got them to the super bowl.  Alex Smith is a big example.  He became more of a game manager at quarterback, but last season he made a huge amount of plays.  He was very upset however that the team tried to sign Peyton Manning.  But, all it will do is drive him more.

The 49ers did Smith a huge favor by upgrading a receiving corps that badly needed upgrading.  They expect for Mario Manningham to start right away.  He’s a much better receiver than Michael Crabtree, who is very soft.  And Manningham will be the receiver that Smith goes more to.  The Vegas NFL Odds will say that Mario will have the most catches of the team.  The big question is the commitment of Randy Moss?  If Moss is serious about playing.  He will have a huge impact if he is in the right mind set.  He is not expected to have huge numbers, but the threat of Moss downfield will open up the running game.

Vernon Davis is the biggest threat of the wide receiving core.  Davis took a few weeks to pick up the new offense, when he did he was sensational.  Harbaugh is not thrilled with his backfield which features Frank Gore, but he expects Brandon Jacobs plays a lot more.

Analyzing Green Bay’s Week 1 NFL Point Spreads Data

The Packers offense is in the top three in the NFL with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback.   That is how you explain B.J. Raji and Tom Crabtree scoring touchdowns.  What happened to the Packers and Rodgers in the playoffs is that they had gone three weeks since their last real game.  They were out of rythm. The Packers are dependent on being on rythm every week.

Rodgers will have an excellent season again and have an even better year that the one prior.  Jordy Nelson had the most productive season in 2011.  However, Gregg Jennings is still the receiver who concerns the Packers the most.  Nelson’s numbers were partly a result of defenses being concern with Jennings.  Both will put up great numbers again this year.  With James Jones, the team was ready to get rid of him last year.  However, he re-signed and ended up being a huge contributor.  This could be the year he takes a big step back.  Randall Cobb is ready to over take Jones.  Cobb’s play making ability is so much better than Jones.  The Packers say with a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers, why should we even try to run the ball.  Look for the Packers to cover all the NFL Spreads this year.

NFL Point Spreads Killers at VegasSportsCappers.com

You must call and check out about the VegasSportsCappers.com site.  These guys are the best in what they do.  They have studied all the films of the past to predict their Vegas NFL Odds, NFL Point Spreads as well as the College Football Spreads like no one else in the industry.  Give them a call today and see why they are the best in predicting the NFL Point spreads predictions.


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NFL Point Spreads Prediction For Indy vs Bears Week1

Predicted NFL Point Spreads have been written by a top touting site on the Colts vs the Bears for Week 1.  They say that the NFL Betting Line will be the Bears favored -7.5.  Below you will see why they had made that NFL Point Spreads prediction.  VegasSportsCappers.com is built with some of the top football handicapping services in which they have all combined in giving their NFL Expert Picks on the NFL Point Spreads.  Let’s see below their analyzation.

NFL Point Spreads Breakdown On Indy Colts

Bruce Arians the offensive coordinator of the Colts, says they will be throwing the ball a lot this season.  The biggest problem they have is who is Andrew Luck going to throw the ball to.  Andrew Luck will be great some day but not this year.  The Colts have a terrible offensive line.  Only a good receiver in Reggie Wayne and he’s in his 12th year in the NFL.  He was great in covering the NFL Odds.   Austin Collie is an inside slot possesion receiver who will move the chains, but there’s no defense out there that he will scare.

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If Donnie Avery is healthy he can be another pretty good receiver, but he is to injury prone.  The Colts finally got a pretty good kick returner in T.Y. Hilton.  They haven’t had one in a long time.  The No.2 pass catcher for the Colts will be Coby Fleener because of his familiarity playing with Luck at Stanford.

The Colts have a rookie tight end in Brody Eldridge, but he is a much better blocker than receiver.  So far the Colts don’t know who is going to be there featured back.  It’s either going to be Donald Brown or Delone Carter.  They are leaning towards Brown, if he can stay away from his injury problems.  Carter is a good running back, but the problem is he fumbles too much.

Get the best QBs That Should Cover Their Team’s NFL Point Spreads Here.

Bear’s NFL Point Spreads Analyzation

Chicago’s offense improved a great deal in the off-season, not just because of the players they added.  It was also because of the addition of quaterbacks coach Jeremy Bates.  He worked his magic with Jay Cutler in Denver.  Cutler will get a lot better since reuniting with Bates.  People have been very hard at Cutler but, it really isn’t his fault.  He has no one to throw the ball to.  This year he should be a lot better now that he has Brandon Marshall to throw to.  Devin Hester is really only a return guy and not really a receiver.

Earl Bennett will really benefit now because they have a true No.1 receiver on the opposite side.  Tight end Kellen Davis is not a real good receiver and he is no threat at all.  There’s nothing to worry about Matt Forte’s being affected by his contract situation this offseason.  He’s a pro who runs very hard all the time.  He’ll be ready to go from week 1.  Michael Bush was a great pick-up.  He’ll be used a lot and lighten the workload on Forte.

However, the Bear’s strength is all over their defense.  Their defense will help cover the Vegas NFL Odds.

NFL Point Spreads Predictions By VegasSportsCappers.com

Call VegasSportsCappers.com today for the best in NFL Expert Picks and College Football Picks.  VegasSportsCappers.com is also monitored for their evaluation on the NFL Point Spreads at FootballHandicappers.net.  This is a site that monitors all the NFL Picks and College Football Picks from the top football handicappers.

Call today so they can give you the best evaluation on upcoming Vegas NFL Odds and NFL Point Spreads this season.


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QBs That Will Cover The NFL Point Spreads

Below are the top NFL Point Spreads Favorable QBs.  This review is given by NFL Football Handicappers that belong to the VegasSportsCappers.com.  The www.VegasSportsCappers.com group of football handicappers are known to be as the top of their class.  This group gives out the best value for their NFL Expert Picks.  See below the review for the best QBs that can cover the NFL Point Spreads on their games.

2 Top NFL Point Spreads Coverers Are Brothers

Eli Manning of the New York Giants.  Eli at 31 years old is still in the prime of his game.  He’s now unquestionably one of the elite quarterbacks in the NFL.  Manning is one of only three quarterbacks to have thrown for 4,000 yards in each of the last 3 years, along with Drew Brees and Phillip Rivers,  But, Manning’s is hard to trust.  He can be weak one week and then strong the next.  However, our vegas insiders think that he has turned the corner in that regard.  He will help the NFL Lines and the NFL Odds on their teams spreads.  Manning in five games last season threw one touchdown or less.  His lack of consistency keeps him from being rated in the top 3 quarterbacks of the NFL.  But still he was the Super Bowls, MVP last year and will come through in the big games.

Peyton Manning From  The Denver Broncos.  Payton is 36 years old and he is at the end of his career.  Even though he signed a five-year 96 million deal to become a Bronco.  Manning runs a high-powered, no huddle, hurry-up offense against exhausted defenses.  At Mile High altitude, it should make defensive coordinators shudder.  The only question on Manning this season is how his surgically repaired neck will respond to a big hit.  After the surgery, if he’s ok, he will definitely be a very good starting quarterback for the Broncos.  He is known to cover the NFL Point Spreads and every type of NFL Odds in his career.

Next 2 NFL Point Spreads QB Favorites

Tony Romo From The Dallas Cowboys.  Romo came back from an injury-shortened 2010 season with a vengeance.  He set career highs in passer rating and touchdowns-to-interception ratings.  Romo will miss Laurent Robinson, but he still has Jason Witten, Miles Austin and Dez Bryant.  He also has head coach Jason Garrett who loves to air out the ball.  Romo might not be in the top five quarterbacks in the NFL but he is still rated in the top ten in the league.  This could be his break out season, now that he is totally healthy again.  Look for Romo to cover the NFL Lines pretty easy this year.  He is an NFL Picks Against The Spread favorite type of QB.

Matt Ryan Of The Atlanta Falcons.  Ryan is 27 years old, he might be in jeopardy of seeing a dip after setting the team record for passing yards last year.  Coach Mike Smith has emphasized that the team return to a run-first offense.  He brought in offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter to shake things up.  Ryan has at his disposal a mighty receiver in  Roddy White and Julio Jones.  He also has a very experienced tight end named Tony Gonzalez.  These three receivers will not let Ryan’s numbers fall too much.  Look for the Falcons to cover the NFL Spreads Over this year.

Last Of The Bunch To Cover The NFL Point Spreads

Philip Rivers Of The San Diego Chargers.  Rivers is 30 years old and in prime condition.  His only issue from last season was the lack of protection he got.  But he still averaged 292.9 yards, with 13 touchdowns, in five games after San Diego added tackle Jared Gaither to solidify hiss blind side.  He doesn’t have Vincent Jackson anymore, but he still has Robert Meachem and Malcolm Floyd.  They can make the big plays and they provide the field-stretching threats that Rivers loves.  This QB is another NFL Lines favorite to cover.

Click Here, To Learn About Top Football Handicappers www.JMPicks.net talk about the NFL Picks Against Spreads this year.

VegasSportsCappers.com is your number one source in learning how to beat the NFL Odds.  They are known to give you the best NFL Point Spreads advice in the country today.

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NFL Picks Against The Spread Predictions Chat With JMPicks

With NFL Picks Against The Spread, all Sports Gamblers need to get ready for the 2012 NFL season.  The season is around the corner and almost here.  John Mack from www.JMPicks.net  is already hard at work.  As most winning sports bettors know, there’s no one out there that can pick the NFL Picks Against The Spread better than John Mack. John does not believe to much on what the Vegas NFL Lines are or how the bettors get there NFL Odds advice.  He mostly makes his owns NFL Point Spreads and matches it with the others that the sports books provide.

Why Go With JMPicks for NFL Picks Against The Spread Advice

Giving that JMPicks is considered to be one of the top football handicappers for NFL Point Spreads, John Mack says sometimes sports bettors make bets the minute the Vegas NFL Lines come out and that will most probably be the NFL Lines that is most inconsistent.   During the week, those Vegas NFL Odds will change 10 times, you have to wait to make your sports bets when the betting Lines are in your favor, that’s why you should go with John Mack from www.JMPicks.net.  He is an expert at predicting the NFL Picks Against the Spread so sports bettors can get your wagers in at the perfect time. Gamblers have to be very smart and very patient to get the best NFL Expert Picks and Predictions and the only way to do that is being a John Mack client.

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Some times the Vegas NFL Odds are very tricky at the beginning.   Any Vegas Insiders can tell you that.  They will come out with some rediculous NFL Line so sports gamblers jump in right away and make their football picks.

Mistakes Sports Bettors Make With NFL Picks Against The Spread Wagering

This is the wrong way for sports gamblers to make their bets. John Mack from www.JMPicks.net has been doing his NFL Picks Against The Spread for years and with his knowledge he has beaten the Last Vegas Football Odds on a concistent basis, and that is why his sports betting clients wait until John tells them when to make there sports bets.  And that drives the Sports books in Vegas crazy. There are a lot of so called Football Betting Consultants out there for Sports betting but no one is as good as John Mack. Sports Betting should be taken very seriously every time you make your bet you should go with a positive attitude that you got your best NFL Football odds advice.

John Mack relies very heavily on the NFL Power Rankings to come up with his NFL Picks Against The Odds and he beats the Betting Lines on a regular basis.

Vegas Sports Cappers Gets InFo For NFL Picks Against The Spread From JMPicks

ESPN football is already hard at work on there NFL Picks Against The Spread for the first week of the regular season and John being in competition with them is already way ahead of them. So sports gamblers be wear if you don’t sign up early with JMPicks and know how John comes up with his NFL Picks Against The Spread you will have a pretty average season if you are lucky.

VegasSportsCappers.com is a website that monitors handicappers for their top NFL Expert Picks and NFL Point Spreads Predictions.  So get the best NFL Picks Against The Spread from JMPicks today.

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2 NFL Players That Will Affect The NFL Point Spreads

When services like Vegas Sports Cappers study the NFL Point Spreads and Vegas NFL Odds, they take everything that is applicable and put it on a data software program. Most of the Sports bettors bet on the NFL Lines and NFL Point Spreads on hunches and emotions. Football Handicappers like John Mack of JMPicks say that that is a huge mistake, most sports bettors don’t know how to read the NFL Point Spreads and there are services like his that get hired to develop the sports bettors bank roll and NFL Picks. Below are 2 of the top NFL Players that will help create and affect the NFL Spreads and NFL Lines alike.

The Top NFL Point Spreads Changer In The NFL

The NFL Player who will most likely to affect the NFL Point Spreads and The NFL lines for that matter has got to be Jimmy Graham formerly from the University of Miami.  He is a 6-6, 260 pound former basketball player who runs the 40 yard dash in 4.53 seconds.  The scary thing is that he is still developing into a tight end only in his 3 rd NFL season.  Most ESPN analyst call him the best of all ESPN Picks on tight ends.

Look for many Sports Handicappers to make their NFL Pro Picks consistently when the Saints play because of this offensive force.  The NFL is going into a pass friendly, tight end friendly league and handicappers like Mark Hoffman from http://www.TopNotchSports.net says that Tight Ends like Jimmy Graham is hard to find now a days.  Some sports bettors make their NFL Picks like fantasy football players selections.  This form of sports betting can be dangerous.  Adam Meyer from AdamWins.com says that you need to take emotion out of the betting game.  Espn also makes their ESPN Football Picks and Predictions this way as well.

The Other NFL Player To Change The NFL Point Spreads

At 6 feet 1 and 229 pounds, Arian Foster is an average running back in body.  But his talent can be second to none.  Most NFL Expert Picks Arian as the top running back in the game.  Some of them have them ahead of even Adrian Peterson from the Vikings.  Adrian Foster went undrafted.  In his NFL career he has rushed for over 3,000 only in his first 3 years.  He also has 29 touchdowns and over 1,000 yards receiving.

This is the type of performances that will affect the NFL Point Spreads and the Vegas NFL Odds over all.  Look for odds makers to create the NFL Lines to be high if Adrian is producing at his level.  You must look how high the NFL Football Spreads and Vegas Odds are when betting on the Texans.  They have an explosive offense and great defense so always bet the over in the NFL Lines Over Under in Vegas.

How Vegas Sports Cappers Study and Predict on NFL Point Spreads

Football Handicapping Services like Vegas Sports Cappers have realized that they only way to make the best NFL Point Spreads Predictions is to unite with the top football handicappers in the nation. Not only did they create an inner circle of sports touters to vote for a featured game but they also have some of the best odds makers creators in the internet.

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